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Upcoming Events
MONDAY, November 23rd
5PM - 7PM
Fried Chicken Steak, mashed potatoes, veggie & roll
prepared by Chef Ellen

From the Governor . . .

2015 is coming to an end soon.  We will be having a few traditional events here at the Lodge from the Turkey Drop and Toy Drive to the Moose Legion Chili Cook-Off and Soup Cook-Offs.  Look for details in the newsletter or around the lodge as the dates get closer.

On Saturday, November 14th Burning Bridges will be here at 8PM and will be open to the public.    Legion Moose will be hosting a Karaoke contest in November and  the Lodge will be open at 5pm on Thanksgiving to root the Bears on to a hopeful victory!  Hope you can come out and enjoy these events too!

Thank you to Ladine for all her efforts in not only creating the weekly lunch menu, but shopping and preparing it as well.  If anyone is available to volunteer their time to make lunch or help work the kitchen, please let me know I would love to hear from you.

As you may have noticed, the wall in the back has been removed and we have opened up the space to offer more room for our members to enjoy entertainment and events here at the lodge.  Thanks Tom McSorley and Jim Partyka for making it happen.

Don’t forget to stop by the lodge on Monday evenings for Family Dinner Night!  And to our Veteran’s stop by on November 11th and have a drink on the Lodge -  THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE!


Matt Dietz

Thank you to all Co-Workers and Board Members who volunteer and donate your time. All your support is VERY much appreciated!

I hope everyone has enjoyed the events these past few months.  Oktoberfest, Bunco for Breast Cancer, Chili Dump, Christmas in October, Pumpkin decorating contest.  I want to thank the Oktoberfest crew including the cooks, servers, planner decorators and everyone who helped make this a great event!

A special thank you to Nancy Brenczewski and her team for hosting the Bunco for Breast Cancer.  You all out did yourselves this year.  What a wonderful time and for such a great cause.   Thank you to all who came out to support this event.

The entire month of November, we will be having our Annual Mitten Drive.  Donations will be collected at the Lodge.  Please see the bulletin board for items needed this year.  Thank you for your support.

Also, beginning in November the WOTM will be selling raffles to the annual Lottery Tree.  Buy your chances early and often to increase your chances of winning a tree filled with lottery tickets!  The drawing will take place at the Lodge Christmas Dinner  on Saturday, December 12th.

There is a lot happening in the next few months, please visit the Lodge to check out these events.  You can also visit the website and Facebook  or even call the lodge to find out.  As most of us know, there are always events being added to the calendar.   Hope to see you!

The WOTM is currently in need of a Secretary/Treasurer for the remainder of the year.  If anyone is interested or would like information about this position, please contact me.

Remember our WOTM meetings are the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month.  Please come out and join your fellow

May you all have safe and enjoyable Holiday Season!
Tammy Coppe


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2015 / 2016
Sponsor your FIRST ever new or re-enrolled member into the LOOM or WOTM – 6,000 points
Sponsor a new or re-enrolled member into the LOOM or WOTM – 600 points
Sponsor your FIRST ever new or re-enrolled member into the Moose Legion – 1,000 points
Sponsor a new or re-enrolled member into the Moose Legion – 250 points
Renew your Lodge or Chapter dues – 250 points
Renew your Lodge or Chapter Dues (year 1 to year 2) – 1,000 points
Renew your Moose Legion dues – 150 points
Renew your Moose Legion dues (year 1 to year 2) – 600 points
Pay dues multiple years in advance – 1,000 points
Become a Life Member – 1,000 points
Join the Moose Legion - 250 points
Become a Life Member of the Moose Legion - 600 points
Qualify for the 25 Club - 1,000 points
Attain the next division(s) within the 25 Club - 250 points
Attain a higher degree of the Order - 1,000 points
Members you sponsor renew their dues (year 1 to year 2) - 1,000 points
Members you sponsor renew their dues (year 2+) - 600 points
Members you sponsor renew their Moose Legion dues - 250 points
Attend an International Moose Convention - 1,000 points
Here’s what you earn for each activity:
It’s simple, you can earn points for sponsoring members, attending meetings, holding office, or just renewing your dues. Every member has an opportunity to participate and your points are awarded automatically without any paperwork or submissions.
Here’s how many points are needed to redeem for:
Annual LOOM dues for Lodges with dues between $34-$50 - 22,500 points
Annual LOOM dues for Lodges with dues between $51-$100 - 30,000 points
Annual WOTM dues - 12,500 points
Annual Moose Legion dues - 9,000 points
Registration for the International Moose Convention - 30,000 points
Contributions to Mooseheart & Moosehaven through Moose Charities* - 8,000 points
Moose gift store merchandise* - 8,000 points
Gift cards^ - 25,000 points
Kohl’s; Amazon; Walmart; Target; Bass Pro Shop;
Cash^ - 25,000 points 
Entry into the Texas Hold ‘Em tournament - 420,000 points
Moose cruise fees - 726,400 points
*Represents the number of points for every $10 contributed or available for purchase
^ Number of points needed for each $25 card or $25 in cash
All program access is online:
Simply visit the
My Membership Record <----click here or type in browser section of the Moose website and your Rewards Record will be contained in your individual section. If you have visited before, simply log in. If you have not, follow the instructions to establish a user profile. You can keep track of your points and redeem them by revisiting this area. To redeem points, you must also provide a valid email address.
The program’s official start date is May 1, 2015 and is scheduled to conclude on April 30, 2020. All activities conducted from the start date through conclusion will be counted towards points earned. No activities prior to the start date will be awarded points as previous programs and awards were in place to reward activity. Points are non-transferable. Moose International reserves the right to alter the program at any time.
For promotional materials and more information, including the Official Terms & Conditions, please visit the Membership section on the
Forms & Documents <> page.
Attend an instructor-led, live training session - 1,000 points
Complete an online training program - 600 points
Hold an elected office in your Lodge or Chapter* - 8,000 points
Hold an elected office on your Association Executive Board* - 600 points
Hold an elected office in the Moose Legion* - 1,000 points
Attend the Moose Texas Hold ‘Em tournament or future select programs - 250 points
*At least 10 months in office and still in the position on April 30th